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Everyone needs to take good care of their eyes to ensure a lifetime of clear vision and health. At Prosper Eye Room, we provide eye exams and medical eye treatment to ensure you get the quality care that you deserve at the most affordable price. Once you schedule your exam, we will check your vision and run comprehensive tests to prevent any other conditions that may affect your eyes or your overall health. After a complete examination, our eye doctor in Frisco will recommend the appropriate options to ensure that you have great vision whether you prefer glasses or contacts. 

Vision Services & Medical Treatment

Dr. Wally Liles III, O.D. is a fantastic optometrist serving Frisco, TX and the surrounding areas. Prosper Eye Room offers both full service eye exams and vision medical services. In most cases, we do not transfer you to a different office. Our office offers comprehensive eye examinations for adults and children. After the exam, we immediately help you decide if you prefer contact lenses or glasses. 

If you prefer glasses, we have a wide array of various glasses in our office to choose from. Our eye care specialists will help you determine the best pair of glasses based on style, shape, color, fitting-size and make sure that you walk out confident and happy. 

We also offer medical treatment for a wide range of eye conditions, such as allergies, redness, irritation, eye infections, conjunctivitis, eye pain, swelling, cataract evaluations (pre & post-operative care), glaucoma evaluations & treatments, diabetic eye care, macular degeneration care, amblyopia/strabismus “lazy eye” management, dry eye treatment, punctal plugs, treatment for uveitis/iritis and we also provide LASIK / Refractive Surgery (pre & post operative care). 

Dr. Wally Liles III, O.D. is an experienced eye doctor and is dedicated to providing every patient with the personalized care they deserve.

Variety of Eye Glasses and Contacts

After completing our Frisco patients’ eye exams, we help them choose suitable corrective measures based on the diagnosis of the eye exams. Which is a fancy way of saying that we will help you pick out a fabulous pair of glasses. Once you’re ready to pick out a pair of glasses, you can browse through our vast selection of eye glasses in numerous styles and colors to find the one that best suits your sense of style. Or if you prefer to wear contact lenses, based on your eye exam results, we can help you choose a specific brand of contact lenses that matches best with your eyes and works within your budget. Also, if you’re new to wearing contact lenses, our team will teach and train you on how to use them properly to ensure you’re ready to make the switch to better vision without glasses. You can count on us to provide the customized eye care you need to improve your vision.

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Finding the right eye doctor in Frisco, TX is about much more than preventing vision loss or improving your vision. It is about managing your overall health and finding an optometrist that you can trust. The staff at Prosper Eye Care is dedicated to improving the health of our local community in Frisco. Contact us now to book an appointment. We’d be happy to serve you.